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Young Curators Club

One Saturday a month, find out what exactly a curators job entails and take on some of the role for yourself. Each week you will encounter different types of collections and take part in activities and discussions based on these. Explore our collection from the behind the scenes and work together to create a temporary display for the museum. £8 a session.

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14th October

11th November

9th December

13th January

10th February

10th March

Young Curators Club

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Gilbert Whites House

Gilbert White was aged 7 or 8 when the White family moved from the Vicarage on Selborne’s Plestor, to this house, called ‘The Wakes’ (named after the Wake family who had lived here previously). At that time the property would have been no more than a ‘two up, two down’  but over the subsequent years lots of extensions and additions have been made, creating the long sizeable house you see today.

The rooms have been restored following descriptions in White’s own correspondence and include a chair he used at Oriel College, Oxford (loaned from the College), items of contemporary furniture, family portraits and bed hangings embroidered for him by his aunts.

On display is the original manuscript of his book, The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, which was purchased with generous help from English Heritage and others.

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