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10 things to do in March

Spring is here so here are 10 things to do in March… 

  1. Enjoy Nature!

10 things to do in march

Spring is definitely on it’s way and the garden is beginning to burst with Spring colour! Come and enjoy the milder days in the garden.

2. Become a Photographer! 

10 things to do in march

This month we’re starting a four week course in nature photography! Starting from the 18th March all you need is your own camera! You will learn the fundamentals of using your camera’s settings to get the most effective images, understanding what makes a good composition, and learn techniques for action and still-life photography. For more info click here! 

3. Raise a Glass to St. Patrick! 

10 things to do in Alton

Did you know we do more than tea in our Tea Parlour? We also serve local ales, beers wine and cider made from Apples from this very Village! The oh-so-refined to toast St. Patrick on the 17th!

4. Do something different for Mother’s Day!


Tired of breakfast in bed and chocolates? Why not book on our Mother’s Day Sleepover! Bring your mum, experience an evening of exciting activities, crafts, bat detecting, catapult building, campfire cookery. Suitable for ages 5 yrs plus. Learn more and book!

5. Look for Butterflies… 


10 things to do in march

Gilbert White was the first to officially record a Butterfly in Hampshire on the 8th March 1766!

6. Celebrate Lawrence Oates 

things you might not know about frank oates

Lawrence Oates died on the 17th March 1912 on his 32nd birthday, uttering his famous words ‘I’m just going outside and may be sometimes’ to his fellow team mates. Learn more about the tragic Terra Nova Expedition this month in our Antarctic galleries.

7. Learn more about ‘Boaty McBoatface’ 

boaty mcboatface

Join Prof. Klaus Dodds as he explores the changing status’ of these explorer-heroes, their hidden legacies in shaping polar geopolitics and in the saga of ‘Boaty McBoatface’. Booking required.

8. Get Drawing! 


March is a great time to get your pencils out and get sketching!

9. Take the dog out!

10 things to do in march

Our gardens are a great place to walk your dog! Did you know that in 2017 we have lowered our garden admission prices?

10. Let us know what signs of spring you’ve seen! 

Wild Intrigue Workshop

From budding flowering, frog spawn and lambs! We’d love to see the signs of spring where you are! Why not tweet them to us @gilbertwhites or send us a picture over facebook.