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5 things you can learn from our Preserving Workshops

We have four exciting dates to learn how to make perseveres this New Year with our in house preserves expert Frances Law.

On Monday 16th or Friday 20th January learn how to make Red Onion Chutney

On Monday 13th and Monday 20th February learn to make Seville Marmalade.

The workshops are aimed at everyone from novices to those who often make jams and chutneys but have a few questions… here’s just some of the things you can learn!


1)How can I tell if it is set? 

There’s nothing worse than watery chutney or marmalade! If your preserves are a little on the sloppy side then these are the workshops for you!

2)I like my chutney spicy, how can I pep up a bland recipe? 

Found a recipe that works but is a little on the boring side! Frances will help you give your chutney’s the kick they need.

3)How can I adapt recipes to use different fruit or vegetables? 

Feeling adventurous? or don’t want something to go to waste Frances can advise you on how to adapt recipes

and what works well.

4)How do I stop the orange peel rising to the top of the jar.

A common issue when making marmalade! learn how to combat the dreaded orange peel!

5)What if i don’t know how to make chutney’s or marmalade at all!!

No worries! Frances will go back to basics and you’ll come away with your first batch ready to be eaten!

The workshops run from 9am-12pm and cost £40, which includes all materials!

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