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Create an Entomology Collection

Entomology Collections Day with the Identification Trainers for the Future.

The aim of this one day workshop is, in advance of the field season, to give attendees an introduction to preparation and storage techniques for voucher specimens for different groups of invertebrates. Voucher specimens are necessary for a number of invertebrate groups, in some cases as species identification is only possible from correctly prepared specimens, and in others as the only reliable way of proving identification and therefore creating a viable, valuable biological record. Incorrectly prepared however, specimens can be destroyed or effectively become useless as identification features are obliterated or obscured and poor storage can simply lead to collections being reduced to dust. This workshop will take you through some of the key techniques for a range of common invertebrate groups (beetles, flies, wasps, bees & moths) to ensure that when the field season comes around again you are comfortable in preparing and mounting your own specimens to a good standard to help with your identification and recording, as well as some of the principles of recording and why and when invertebrate collecting is essential.

The course will be delivered by the 5 trainees on the Natural History Museums Identification Trainers for the Future project. The trainees are based in the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity, studying identification skills for some of the more difficult species groups in the UK, as well as developing their own communication and teaching skills. For further information about the Centre, which supports natural historians across the country, and the traineeship

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