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A Guide to the 25th Unusual Plants Fair

Thinking of coming along to the Unusual Plants Fair? Here’s a guide of how to make the best out of the weekend!

25th annual unusual plants fair

Saturday 17th June
10:30: Serious about gardening? This is the time to show up! Make sure you get the plants you need before anyone else does!!

guide to 25th unusual plants fair

11:00: Too early for Pimms? Nope! Our Pimms bar opens at 11!

12:30: Hmm… all this shopping is making us feel hungry! Why not pop over to our BBQ, Tea Parlour or Outside catering tent?!

guide to 25th unusual plants fair

14:00: Want to know about our garden? Rose Malyon our garden manager will take you on a tour.

15:00: It’s not just plants on sale you know! Make sure you visit all of our stalls for some great garden buys!

25th annual unusual plants fair

16:00: Your admission is valid for the whole of the grounds too! So make sure you take the time to explore!

17:00: Home time! Bought too much? Never fear we have a plant crèche to leave your purchases whilst at the event and helpful volunteers to help to get your plants to your car!

25th annual unusual plants fair

Sunday 18th June
10:30: We kick off again! With more plants to buy, perfect place to bring Dad for father’s Day!

ideas for fathers day

11:00: Join Chawton House Library’s Andrew Bentley for a talk on the rise and consequences of the English Landscape Garden. Andrew will be exploring the influences of the movement, key characters and their contributions and the effects this change had on gardens, the landscape and people.

12:00: Our very own Keith Oakley will be demonstrating gardening techniques from the 18th Century on wards.

guide to 25th unusual plants fair

13:00: David May from Seale Nurseries will be demonstrating Rose Grafting. David has been growing roses all his life at Seale Rose Garden and loves to share his expertise and knowledge. He will show you how to graft roses and give you lots of tips and advice so you can care for your roses to ensure a stunning performance. David developed and patented an award winning propagation system, growing them in pots right from the start. This means that once planted, either in pots or the ground they will grow away strongly, flower quickly and perform superbly right from the start.

14:00 Roses with Rose! Our Garden manager Rose Malyon will show you our collection of historic roses.

guide to 25th unusual plants fair
15:00 Discover Ferns Colin Moat from Pineview Plants will be sharing his experience and love of ferns and how to get the best from them.

16:00: Have you bought you Raffle ticket yet? If not quickly as the Raffle will be drawn at 4pm as will the winners of our Garden in a Box competition! If you’d like to enter here’s how.

guide to 25th unusual plants fair

17:00 : That’s it that’s the end of our 25th Unusual Plants Fair!! But just 364 days until the 26th on the 16th and 17th of June 2018!

25th annual unusual plants fair