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Astronomy Course

This informal 10 week course will cover the some of the historical aspects of astronomy and we will view some of the notable people and events in the history of mankind’s quest to understand the cosmos and our place in it.

We shall take a critical look at telescopes, how they have helped mankind uncover the mysteries of the universe. Buying a telescope can be a minefield, so we shall look at the many types of telescope and try to understand what telescope may be most useful to you should you wish to buy one.

We will together explore the solar system in detail looking at the planets, minor planets, asteroids and comets. We will take a close look at our nearest neighbour the Moon and see why it is so important to us.

The Sun is the giver of life and we shall look at how the Sun shines, describe features on the Sun, delve under its surface and uncover some of the mysteries of why it shines and what will eventually happen to the Sun.

We live in a galaxy full of stars, dust and gas and other planetary systems. We shall see what happens to the many different types of stars and how they end their life, we will look at the gas and dust how our galaxy makes new stars. Could there be life on other distant worlds? Finally we shall explore the cosmos on the grand scale, how did it come into existence and what is the fate of our universe.

When ever the weather permits we shall also use telescopes to look at the night sky and become familiar with the constellations of the autumn sky.

The course is richly illustrated and course material is available to take away with you.


The Course is run by Graham Bryant from the Hampshire Astronomical Group

The Dates:

September: 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th

October: 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th     NOT the 31st October

November: 7th and 24th


Astronomy Course£100.0010 week astronomy course
  • Start Date: 05 Sep 19
  • End Date: 14 Nov 19
  • Please note: tickets purchased from us are non refundable.

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