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Butterflies at Gilbert White’s House

Volunteer Chris Piper tells us about the Butterflies at Gilbert White’s House Garden this year…

Some visitors have asked about butterflies in the garden this year. We record butterflies weekly throughout the Spring and Summer reporting our results to Butterfly Conservation. This year started late although we had good records of butterflies that overwinter as adults such as Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma and Brimstone. We therefore expect to see all these again later in the year when the new brood arrives. We also had good records of Orange Tip, Small and Large White. The Skippers are on the wing at the moment (Mid June) and can be seen the corners off the meadow near the hanger.

Meadow Browns have also just emerged and the meadow in some years has had dozens and in some cases hundreds on the wing at the same time. Later we expect them to be joined by Gatekeeper too. The Marbled White has been been seen at nearby Noar Hill and we can expect to see it on sunny days in the meadow too.

Several eggs were seen last winter of the highly prized Brown Hairstreak butterfly so we shall be keeping a very close watch for the adult on the wing from around mid July. The best chances of seeing them are on the Northern edge of the meadow, perhaps on Bramble or flying deep in the Blackthorn hedge. Do tell us if you spot any butterflies as we’re interested to hear what you see.