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Garden Net

When working in our heritage garden we always aspire to use 18th century methods. However, up until now we have occasionally slipped and used modern plastic netting to prevent bird damage in the Kitchen Garden. But no longer…
DSCF8509 DSCF8515
Our new kitchen gardener, Keith, has been investigating old net making methods. Keith has used Linen twine, loaded onto a special 6 inch netting needle to create a net knotted using the ‘sheet bend’ knot (sheet is the nautical term for ropes). The final net measures 6ft x 5ft  with a ‘mesh’ (the length of one side of the diamond) of approximately one inch. The mesh size is measured using a wooden ruler (also known as the ‘mesh’ apparently).


With Flax now being grown in the garden, and linen production getting under way,  it is conceivable that in the near future we will be self sufficient for our garden netting.