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Going to Extremes: Antarctic Lectures 2018

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk to the South Pole? In the first of our 2018 Antarctic lectures Julian Thomas his experience of going to extremes.

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Julian, who is Master of Wellington College, has a passion for outdoors trekking and climbing. He has climbed Mont Blanc and Gran Paradiso. In 2014 he took part in a full length expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. He set off in late November and reached the South Pole on 9th January 2015. The Terra Nova team of which Lawrence Oates was a part of also travelled the last leg to the pole at this time over a hundred years before between 1st November 1911 and the 17th January 1912. Though Julian reached the pole quicker he is in a rare position to know some of the extremes the Terra Nova team faced. His talk “Going to Extremes”, will consider how the Antarctic takes you to extremes in so many ways, not just in terms of temperature.

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Julian’s talk is just the first of three talks which will cover the time between the Terra Nova team reaching the pole in January and Oates’ untimely death in March. February’s talk will touch on the modern challenges of Antarctica focusing on the Halley Base and in March we shall explore the effect humans have on Antarctic sea birds particularly Albatrosses.

All three talks will begin at 7pm at the Field Studies Centre, tickets are £15 each or £35 for all three.