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The Good Life! Summer Kitchen Garden Course

Summer Garden Kitchen Course

There’s nothing like being able to grow your own vegetables in your garden, and whether you’re an accustomed kitchen gardener or a complete novice, we have the perfect course for you on Thursday 24th August.

Summer kitchen garden course

Keith Oakley kitchen gardener at Gilbert White’s garden is leading a day course in vegetable gardening. The course which begins at 10am and ends at 4pm includes a lot of advice and hand on experience as well as refreshments and lunch. Over the course of the day Keith will cover hoeing, weeding, aftercare of seeding successional sowing, harvesting crops, maintaining pathways, making compost, and sowing green manure crops.

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(Keith in his eighteenth century gardener gear!)

Let Keith answer your questions on growing fruit and vegetables and have a go at working in the magnificent eighteenth century garden modelled on White’s own kitchen garden. The vegetables and fruit tended by Keith and the garden team at Gilbert White’s House are used in the Museum’s Tea Parlour and sold in the gift shop.

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The day is a brilliant experience and to meet like minded people learn value skills to take home with you and have a great time. The cost of the day including lunch and refreshments is £45 and tickets can be booked here!