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Grow your Tenner!

If it wasn’t exciting enough that our neighbour Jane Austen is on the new ten pound note, we’re also involved in Local Giving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign.

grow your tenner

The campaign will commence on Tuesday 17th October at 10am and run until the match funding runs out (or midday on Thursday 16th November – whichever comes first). Last year, with your help, we raised a fabulous £5,962.50 by joining just before the end of the campaign.  This year we will be in from the start and hope to reach many more of you and surpass our previous sum.

To participate please follow click here as soon as you can after 10am on 17th October and make your donation

This year Localgiving has placed a special emphasis on monthly giving – the aim being to help attract long term supporters. Regular donations are hugely important for small, local charities, helping them to stabilise their finances and plan for the future.  So, these are the basic ground rules:

During Grow Your Tenner 2017 donors will be able to support our charity by:

  • Making a one-time donation and it will be matched up to £10.
  • Setting up a monthly donation and after your first six donations, the following six donations will be matched up to £10; so, a DD of £10 for a year costs you £120 but is worth £180 to Gilbert White & The Oates Collections! (plus Gift Aid if applicable!)

Direct debit giving accounts for 31% of all donations to UK charities; regular giving helps to strengthen sustainability.  Here is a diagram to help explain how a direct debit of just £10 per month can help Gilbert White & The Oates Collections make the most of this exciting opportunity.

So, to recap we are asking you to help us by undertaking two actions

  1. Set up a monthly direct debit of £10 for the next year
  2. Encourage as many of your friends as possible to help us, by sharing this blog!


Thank you so much to those who have helped us in past and in advance for your Grow Your Tenner donations! You are keeping this museum going!!