Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10.30AM to 5PM & Bank Holidays

Guide to our Nature Festival 2017

Guide to our Nature Festival!
Meet the exhibitors and see what’s on at our Nature Festival 27th May 2017!

guide to our nature day
10:30: We Open! Come and meet the stallholders who will be here until 5pm! This year we are joined by The RSPB . South Downs National Park Authority . The National Trust . Hampshire Fungus Recording Group . Hampshire Bat Group . Fresh Water Habitats Trust. Hampshire Ornithological Society and More…
11:00: Join the National Trust’s Chris Webb for a walk along Selborne Common. He will also be conducting the walk which will last about an hour at 2pm.

11:30: Join our Field Studies Centre team in a Plant Transect! We will cross the meadow recording, counting and identifying the different species we see! OR why not go bug hunting? The our land is full of interesting creepy crawlies! The data will then be added to our Modern Natural History of Selborne!

guide to our nature festival
12:00: All that nature makes you hungry! Don’t forget to stop by the Tea Parlour or our outdoor catering!

12:30 Join Emily on a Butterfly Transect and by doing so help preserve our population of butterflies! OR Why not go pond dipping and see whether you can find any of our newts?

guide to our nature festival
13:00 Join the Hampshire Ornithology Society for a bird watching walk!

13:30 Didn’t get to go on the bug hunt? Now’s your chance! OR join Josh on a fungi hunt!

guide to our nature festival
14:00 How you getting on with trying all the different activities at the stalls? Have you met our cows yet? The National Trust at Selborne works closely with a local farmer who has a small herd of Gloucester Cattle which are used for conservation grazing on NT land at Selborne – on Selborne Common and in the meadows along the Lythes. They are an old traditional breed from the west of England and are regarded as vulnerable by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. Because they are very docile and easy to handle they are ideal for conservation grazing on sites open to the public.

guide to our nature festival
14:30: Last chance for pond dipping or going on the plant transect

15:00 Join botanist Tony Mundell on a Plant Walk, this walk also is happening at 12pm.

15:30: Our last set of FSC transects of the day! Join Louise for the last plant transect or Josh for a Fungi Hunt

guide to our nature festival
16:00: The HOS will be setting of the last walk of the day (also at 1pm). However you only have an hour left to make sure you’ve visited all our stalls and filled up your nature passport!

17:00: The stallholders at the Museum start to pack up, time to take a break and recuperate for the nature fun to continue! Make sure you’ve got your tickets!

18:00: The Bioblitz continues at The Field Studies Centre with light refreshments

guide to our nature festival
19:00: Naturetrek will give a talk on our local Nature Below the Hanger and Beyond

20:30: Steph West from The Natural History Museum and Nic Knight for the Hampshire Bat Group will help us track newts and bats

guide to our nature festival
22:00: After all that bat and newt finding! It’s definitely time for Hot Chocolate!

22:30: Naturetrek will help us attract moths and identify and record them. Set up moth traps to leave over night.

23:00: Bed time! We’ll see you back in Selborne in the Morning!

guide to our nature festival
6:30: Morning! Naturetrek will help us identify what moths have been caught!

7:30: Breakfast time! We’ll be serving a simple but fortifying breakfast ready for a morning of nature!

8:00: Chris Webb our local National Trust warden will take the early risers on a special tour of Selborne Common.

9:15: The results of the past 24hrs are in! Find out what we’ve recorded and discovered! Ready to be added to the Modern Natural History of Selborne.

10:30: That’s it folks! 24hrs of amazing local nature and fun!