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Hampshire Scout sets off from Selborne to the South Pole.

Gilbert White & The Oates Collections celebrates the first British team to reach the South Pole in 1912, now it can count itself as the place Hampshire Scout Joe Doherty launched his Antarctic expedition on the 10th November 2018. Joe will be the first Scout to travel to and from the South Pole.

Joe is part of the Hampshire Scout Expedition team who have been planning this expedition for many years, the team have reached all continents apart from Antarctica so reaching the South Pole was the obvious aim, but Joe and the team wanted to do something no one had done before. Joe will be skiing to the pole then using wind power to return. Man-hauling food and kit, he will set off from the Messner, starting on the edge of the Antarctic Plateau. His journey will cover 566 miles to the Geographic South Pole, returning by kite ski to Hercules Inlet at the Southern tip of the Ronne Ice Shelf.

Joe is originally from Andover and joined his local Scout unit aged 12 and soon developed a passion for pushing himself outside of his comfort zone. Joining Hampshire Scout Expeditions in 2009 through the Peru expedition, Joe co-led the Nepal 2013 expedition with other members of Hampshire Scout expeditions.  Joe will be out in Antarctica for about two months and will return in the New Year; once he is back he will be returning to Selborne to give talks to members of scouting association of all ages at the Field Studies Centre.

Joe was joined by fellow team mates who were now no longer able to accompany Joe, family, friends and several members of the Scouting Community. Joe explained to the audience the route he would be tacking, his training, his kit and the practicalities of an Antarctic expedition.


The museum which has an exhibition dedicated to Lawrence Oates who was part of the Terra Nova expedition in 1912, making this latest Antarctic expedition launch a very appropriate occasion. The Museum wishes Joe all the best and looks forward to his return in the new year.


To find out more about Joe’s journey see the website!