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Inspiring Journeys: January Blog

Inspiring Journeys January Blog

So it’s 2018!
That is both extremely scary and exciting for the museum as suddenly the opening of the project is within grasp!

inspiring journeys january blogWe’ve certainly taken it up a notch in terms of building works, Monday –Thursday the staff have been sharing quarters with builders and decorators in every single part of the museum. Parts of the museum that aren’t being touched by the main project are getting a well deserved spruce up, so that when the new galleries are finished, everything looks new and shiny!

Fri-Sun we are open and only half price! So although we might look our best with some of our galleries looking more like building sites, you can see what we are up to during the week and there is plenty still to see.

inspiring journeys January blog
In the stable yard, the café is taking more and more form. Behind the scenes we are looking at new menu’s, meeting producers and looking for someone to manage it once it’s finished! The café will be called White’s, and will specialise in home made food. We love food, as did Gilbert and much of our menu will come from our own garden.

In the house, we have moved out the shop into the Little Parlour, as builders start converting the room into our new learning space. If you are visiting us that means you need to come in through the porch door rather than the shop door. The shop will eventually move into the stable yard, but in the mean time we have a great little set up and lots of our stock is on sale!

inspiring journeys January blog inspiring journeys January blog








The Frank Oates gallery has been transformed! With a very striking red wall in one corner. You can see how the plans are beginning to take shape! The Frank Oates Gallery will have lots to see and do, and we’ve been enjoying behind the scenes seeing snippets of footage that will be shown.

We are very excited about the year ahead! We still plan to have the renovations finished and open in April and will officially open the stable yard and new galleries in May, with a family open day.