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Inspiring Journeys: March Blog

Inspiring Journeys March Blog 

It’s March! which means it’s officially Spring 2018, a phrase we’ve been talking about and thinking about for years!
We are definitely nearing the finish line inside the museum, as the finishing touches are getting put in, and work carrying on despite a busy museum, TV crews and the Beast from the East!

inspiring journeys march blog
In the Discovery Room, the furnishings are in and the interpretation up. Most excitingly the Albatross arrived and is now pride of place. We were lucky enough to be joined by BBC South Today to watch the bird arrive and be put in place. The albatross was found dead on the Falkland Islands, and has travelled over 8,000 miles to be with us. The albatross is a fantastic image for the museum and especially for this project. It represents the relationship between nature and humankind, the good and what needs to be improved. The discovery room celebrates our modern relationship with nature and will be a place of learning and temporary exhibitions!

inspiring journey march blog
The Frank Oates Gallery is nearly finished and will open again very soon! The gallery is fully interactive and the last spots of paint are going on the walls and the artefacts are returning to their new homes. We are celebrating the opening and Frank’s birthday on the 9th April with a lecture on Frank and his experiences in Southern Africa.

inspiring journeys march blog
The Introductory Gallery is also nearly complete, with the artefacts having been moved in and the three boards which tell the story of Gilbert White, Frank Oates and Lawrence in place.

inspiring journeys march blog
We hope to be back to operating at full capacity in the museum in April and the café will follow in May.
On the 12th May we are all set to formally open the museum and will be joined by the Lions of Zululand, who will be performing throughout the day. The day is free and an excellent opportunity to see the changes in the museum and use the new facilities!