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Museum Week: Heritage

Museum Week Heritage

To finish our Museum Week on social media we are looking at Heritage, but here in Selborne we are spoilt for choice!
So I’ve decided to blog about an exciting heritage project starting next week that will run throughout the summer Heritage gardening!

museum week heritage

We’ve always been proud of the fact that where possible we use methods in our garden that Gilbert White describes or were popular in the eighteenth century, but with 25 acres to look after we admit it! Modern gardening techniques are used and our eighteenth century idyllic vista will be periodically ruined by a lawnmower.

museum week heritage
BUT every Monday during July and August we are putting down our new fangled modern tools and opting to tend to the garden the old fashioned way. Kitchen Gardener Keith and son Ralph will be demonstrating the tools and methods of the eighteenth century. It is difficult to know exactly what the tools Gilbert White was using in his garden. Tools have generally changed very little and tools are not often described in gardening publications of the time. However we can glean from Gilbert White’s diaries and from Phillip Miller’s Gardener’s Dictionary what tools would have been used here in the garden.

So why not join us from the 3rd of July and see the Oakley’s in action as they try to tend to the kitchen garden without modern tools in eighteenth century dress! Learn what was required from a eighteenth century gardener, what skills have been past down to the modern garden. How did they look after their tools? How were they made? What was Gilbert growing? How long would it take to cut the grass without a lawn mower? Did Gilbert have gardeners? So many questions and you can ask them all by coming along to one of our Heritage gardening days every Monday in July and August!

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