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Museum Week Secrets

Here at Gilbert White & The Oates Collections we love Museum Week on Twitter!

museum week secrets

Museums from across the globe gather to share themes and support each other it’s great fun! Seven themes for seven days! Today’s theme is Secrets! So we took the internet behind the scenes at Gilbert White’s House!
The first thing we shared was our Stable Yard until recently it was part of the Museum that only Staff and Volunteers saw. The Gardener’s HQ is falling apart and listed buildings are in need of some TLC…

Museum Week Secrets
But soon as you’ve seen from our last blog, the stable yard will soon be no secret at all as soon it will the entrance to our Museum! With Plant Sales, outdoor seating, access to the Museum and garden, our catering facilities will also move out there so that we can accommodate more and serve a bigger and better selection of teas, home-made cakes and lunches! Yum!

HLF Success
The second part of our secrets tour, we showed you the rabbit warren that is Gilbert White’s House! With Passages and staircases only seen by those in the know…

Museum Week Secrets

We will be writing short blogs throughout the week to keep you in the loop of all the Museum Week Fun!