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Nature Festival 2018

We cannot wait for our third annual Nature Festival! This year is so jammed packed with activities we’re not sure 24 hours will be enough! We start at 5pm on the 27th and will end at 5pm on the 28th, using that time to be exploring the natural world of Selborne.

Coming along is easy! Just show up on the 28th May for a fun day of activities or buy an online pass and get the first dibs on the choice on offer. Meet the animals and plants of Selborne and surrounding areas, including reptiles, cattle, bees, and worms. Each stall will have an interactive nature activity, so you can collect stamps in your Nature Passport, a reminder of your fun packed day…
We are working in collaboration with organisations which celebrate, explore and protect the natural world such as the RSPB, The South Downs National Park Authority, The National Trust, The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Hampshire Fungus Recording Group, Hampshire Bat Group, Fresh Water Habitats Trust, Hampshire Ornithological Society, and many more…

Nature Festival 2018
In addition to the stalls we also have talks, walks and bioblitz activities…
Tractor Rides to Galley Hill
Sun 27 May 5pm & 6pm (free but pre-booking required ring 01420 511275 to book)
We will take a tractor ride from The Gilbert White Field Studies Centre to Galley Hill to see some of the downland restoration work the Selborne Landscape Partnership has been doing (thank you to Hartley Park & Norton Farms for the tractor & trailers respectively)
Nature Carousel
Sun 27 May 5.30pm – 8.30pm (just drop in)
Join our education team in the barn and learn how to explore the nature in our garden and in your own. Make mammal footprint traps, and learn where and how to look for wildlife.
Swifts in Selborne
Sun 27 May 7pm (pre-booking required)
Walk with Tim Norriss (Hampshire Swifts) and discover the swifts in Selborne and the efforts being made to preserve their nesting sites.

Nocturnal World
Sun 27 May 9pm (pre-booking required)
We will be exploring the night time world in Gilbert White’s garden, take a walk with our bat detectors and discover the world of bats. View the newts in our pond by torch light.
Sun 27 May 10.30pm & Mon 28th May 6am (pre-booking required)
Discover The hidden world of beauty, deception and mimicry. Created by over 200 million years of moth evolution. Moths are sensitive indicators of the health of the natural environment and a vital part of the food chain a fact that didn’t escape the attention of Gilbert White.
Bioblitz Daytime Activities
Mon 28 May all day (just drop in)
Help us discover and identify the plants animals and fungi in our grounds. Choose from fungi hunts, pond dipping, bug hunting, plant identification, butterfly transects. Our experts will help you record your finds. We found 335 different species last year, and made 480 records on the day, so can we beat last year’s record?

Selborne Common
Mon 28 May 11am and 2pm (book on the day)
Join our local Natural Trust Warden Chris Webb on a tour of Selborne Common, learn about the conservation initiatives and also some of the history of the landscape
The Wonder Tails
Sun 28 May 11am & 2.30pm (just drop in)
Local Actress Naomi Capron brings to life magical stories from The Wonder Tails showing how Britain’s best-beloved wild creatures came to be the way they are. The Wonder Tails is Written by Nickhola Susanne La Brooy.
Birds & Gardens Perfect Partners
Mon 28 May 11.30am (book on the day)
John Goodspeed of the British Ornithological Trust and discover why your garden is an important habitat for our bird populations.

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Fred the Flutterby
Mon 28 May 1.30pm and 4pm (book on the day)
Let Sherly Pape (botanical artist) and Fred the Flutterby take you into the world of butterfly painting
Plight of the Bee; plants to the rescue
Mon 28 May 12.30pm (book on the day)
Marina Christopher from Phoenix Perennial Plants explores the relationship between plants bees and other insects. Discover how what you plant can make a big impact on your wildlife.

Bird Watching Walk
Mon 28 May 1pm and 4pm (book on the day)
Ted Barnes and Dave Munday from Hampshire ornithological society take you on a bird watching walk on Selborne Common

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Purple Emperors
Mon 28 May 2.30pm (book on the day)
Matthew Oates draws on his life long study of the Purple Emperor butterfly to talk to you about this fascinating butterfly
Hampshire Swifts
Mon 28 May 3.30pm (book on the day)
Tim Norriss from Hampshire Swifts talks about these delightful and fascinating birds, and the efforts being made to maintain and expand their nesting sites.