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Penguin Ecology & Biology

Penguin Ecology and Biology: Thursday 23rd February 6:30pm £10

Who doesn’t love Penguins?

Penguin 1 Phil Trathan

But these lovable birds have often puzzled scientists.

However new technology has helped reveal different elements of penguin behaviour and ecology, much of this previously unknown. Satellite remote sensing has now provided revised information about the breeding, distribution and population sizes of various different penguin species, so that we now know – for example – that there are 54 colonies of emperors with a breeding population of more than 238,000 pairs; almost twice that previously recognised.

penguin ecology & biology

Dr. Phil Trathan from the British Antarctic Survey is a Research scientist with an extensive publication record on the biology, ecology and management of marine ecosystems in the Antarctic. Wide experience and established track record of interdisciplinary research, commissioned research and international collaboration. More than 150 peer-reviewed publications and with an H-index of 33. NERC/BAS lead with the organisation responsible for managing Southern Ocean fisheries, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, plus related issues.

On Thursday 23rd February Phil will be joining us to tell us more about his research into Penguins and how the use of new technology has been vital in re-assessing the threat status of all different penguin species.


penguin ecology & biology