Volunteering at Gilbert White & The Oates Collections

Gilbert White & The Oates Collections is a wonderful place to volunteer, and we are a happy hardworking team. We have many wonderful volunteers who add hugely to the enjoyment of our visitors through a variety of means. We encourage and welcome volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds. We can make effective use of almost any skill, experience, talent or time a volunteer can offer.

We host an open-morning for Volunteers and enquirers on the second Wednesday of each month between, 10.30am and 12.30pm, from March to December – known as the ‘Chocolate Biscuit Club’. This is an opportunity for Volunteers, old and new, to gather together. It’s a chance to meet other like-minded individuals, learn more about current volunteering roles, plus the opportunity to receive updates or training and to gather working parties together for various projects or tasks.

If you'd like to join our team of 150+ volunteers then just fill in this Volunteer Registration Form  and send to volunteerteam@gilbertwhiteshouse.org.uk

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