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Why does Gilbert White’s Museum in Selborne want to raise money and will the walk help?
We want to celebrate Gilbert as he deserves to be celebrated, with a marvellous museum is a real asset to the community of Selborne, and to the many visitors who come every year. We have an old and rather derelict Stable Yard which we need to rescue, restore and convert to provide a really attractive entrance to the museum and garden with a new café and shop. It doesn’t look much now but it will be lovely when we have finished with it, and if we don’t do it will fall down.yard

We also want to move our Library books out of their cramped storage into a purpose-built library where people can enjoy them and consult them, and we want to create new activities and learning based on them and on the wonderful garden and landscape that we have here in Selborne. All this will take money, and we have a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop our new project but we need to find matched funding to complete it. Our walk will help with this, and so will the publicity that the walk will engender.