tips for a great august

Tips for a Great August!

Can you believe it’s August already! Well if you’re struggling to think of things to do this months then look no further we have ten tips for a great August! 1. Something to do whatever the weather You can never predict the British Summer weather, but here at the Museum

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Inspired By The Word

Gilbert White’s garden is due to host an exciting art collection this year. Inspired by the Word is a collection of pieces of art by British artists inspired by Hampshire’s great writers. Works inspired by Gilbert White, Jane Austen and Edward Thomas will be on display in venues all over

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Exclusive Winter Offer for Group Visits

It’s often difficult to think of places to bring groups during the winter months, with the cold weather, money being tight after the Christmas period and many visitor attractions being closed from November to March. Gilbert White & The Oates Collections in the picturesque Selborne is a perfect winter getaway

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