gilbert white kitchen garden

Gilbert White’s Kitchen Garden Series – An Introduction

Gilbert White’s Kitchen Garden Series – An Introduction Dr J. Grant Repshire takes us into Gilbert’s Garden in this series of blogs Gilbert White not only recorded pioneering observations of the natural world, he also gave us a valuable insight into how nature was cultivated by humans in the mid-18th

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tips for June

Garden with us!

It’s National Gardening Week! Gilbert White was a passionate gardener whose personality is in each part of the 25 acre garden we conserve. And that’s why we need help!  If you are a garden lover who’d love a chance to work on one of the most beautiful gardens in Hampshire,

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Tips for May

Hooray it’s May! And we have some great Tips for you this month! 1. Come to out Launch Day!  May the 12th is our official launch day for our new look museum. We will be open all day for free with great entertainment and activities throughout the day plus! The

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Guide to the 2018 Wedding Fayre

It’s almost time for our Wedding Fayre! If you are planning on coming along here’s a handy guide to how to make the most of the day!   11am Doors Open – Don’t forget to pick up a wedding goody bag our entrance. 11:10 Get a good look at our

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inspiring journeys april blog

Inspiring Journeys: April Blog

Inspiring Journeys: April Blog We are almost there! We hit our target of opening the museum parts of the renovation by Easter. On Good Friday we opened our new shop area to the public and had a great Easter Holidays operating from our lovely new entrance, reception and beautiful shop.

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new look museum

Guide to the New Look Museum…

Guide to the New Look Museum… If you’ve visited in the last couple of weeks you will have noticed a few changes around the place! We are almost ready to reveal our new museum and will be officially opening it on the 12th May, and although we’re not there yet

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frank oates in africa

Frank Oates in Africa

On Monday 9th April to celebrate the opening of our new Frank Oates Gallery; historians Dr John McAleer and Dr Chris Prior from the University of Southampton will be giving an exciting talk on the Victorian Explorer and the environment he travelled in. Frank Oates’s travels in nineteenth-century Southern Africa made

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for the modern reader

For the Modern Reader

Dr. J. Grant Repshire takes the modern reader of the Natural History of Selborne back in time… Gilbert White’s A Natural History of Selborne offers a glimpse into the often-idealised world of a English countryside village in the early-modern era, before industrialisation changed the face of the world forever. Reading

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inspiring journeys march blog

Inspiring Journeys: March Blog

Inspiring Journeys March Blog  It’s March! which means it’s officially Spring 2018, a phrase we’ve been talking about and thinking about for years! We are definitely nearing the finish line inside the museum, as the finishing touches are getting put in, and work carrying on despite a busy museum, TV

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Gilbert White: A Creative Genius!

Hampshire Cultural Trust’s big theme for 2018 is creative genius and we are so excited! The year is to celebrate Hampshire ideas, inventors and innovators and you’ll be surprised how many discoveries and inventions come from Hampshire! However we believe that Gilbert White is worthy of being one of Hampshire’s most

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