thank you david

Thank you David

Our Head Gardener David Standing is retiring from the garden after first coming here in 1979! He will be sorely missed by the staff and volunteers of the museum and garden past and present and all our visitors for his astounding work in making Gilbert’s Garden the beautiful place it

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garden in may

The Garden in May

The Garden in May Well this is it- my last Wakes Weeders newsletter, exactly 34 years after the first one was issued in June 1983. I would never have dreamed all would go on this long! It has been a monthly diary of sorts, and as such an interesting record

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Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson Opens our Exhibition!

On Thursday 13th April Bill Bryson OBE opened our Inspired by the Word Exhibition! Inspired by the Word is a collection of pieces of art by British artists, inspired by Hampshire’s great writers. The exhibition, inspired by Gilbert White, Jane Austen and Edward Thomas will be on display in venues

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the garden in April

The Garden in April

As the temperatures rise, and the sun comes out- the garden begins to grow! So this is our time to make sure we get the garden off to a great start, and get on top of the weeds before the weeds get on top of us! The garden is now

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the garden in april

The Winepipe returns!

Gilbert White described a rather unusual feature of his beloved garden, a mound, made from the spoils of his HaHa with a spinning port barrel on top, finished with a thatched roof. A replica of such a contraction has been a common site in the gardens of Gilbert Whites House

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Inspired By The Word

Gilbert White’s garden is due to host an exciting art collection this year. Inspired by the Word is a collection of pieces of art by British artists inspired by Hampshire’s great writers. Works inspired by Gilbert White, Jane Austen and Edward Thomas will be on display in venues all over

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The garden in March

Spring really is on its way- well, it felt like it for a day or two, before it went really cold & grey again! By the old back door there are lots more large snowdrops with the catmint having been cut back to reveal them. The bed by the house

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Snowdrop Facts

It’s our annual Snowdrop Weekend this weekend (25th-26th February) so here’s some snowdrop facts! 1. There are 19 types of snowdrop!  Though you are likely to find only three varieties in your own garden. 2.They have Christian significance. Often blooming in February or March the flower is often associated with

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The Garden in February

As we enter another year of gardening we enter a time of change. The physical changes that have been so carefully planned over the last few years are finally beginning to appear. In the six quarters the beds have a fair covering of leaves, many from the tulip tree: some

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Best of 2016

It’s New Year’s eve! Here’s what we’re remembering about 2016! January: We began the year with the first of this years 82 events, Twelfth Night. We welcomed local theatre group Foot in the Door, and enjoyed a wonderful night of food and merriment. February: Antarctic explorer, author and broadcaster Tim

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