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Double your donation to Gilbert White’s House and Gardens in the Big Give’s Green Match Fund 2024

Gilbert White’s House and Gardens are taking part in the Big Give’s Green Match Fund 2024 to raise £10,000 in just 1 week!

These funds will be used to support biodiversity and nature-based education onsite.


Inspiring Journeys into the Natural World

We are the home of pioneering naturalist Gilbert White. His 18th Century discoveries of wildlife by ‘watching narrowly’ revolutionised ecology, and we want to inspire the public to ‘be more Gilbert’ by increasing site biodiversity, promoting nature connection and education.
Gilbert White’s House and Gardens mission is to inspire journeys of discovery into the natural world to make better lives – for people and for the planet. We have 30 acres of meadow and garden, rich with flora and fauna, which is essential for improving the area’s biodiversity and providing education and engagement opportunities for adults and children. We have an active outreach programme, educating over 5000 children a year, but there’s more we can do, and this is where we need your help.

Donations to Big Give Green Match Fund will be generously matched by Big Give’s Champions
during the campaign, to make double the difference in supporting Gilbert White’s House and

Gilbert White’s legacy and impact is not to be forgotten, and indeed there is still much to learn
from his texts and letters. He has since inspired countless naturalists including Charles Darwin,
Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham CBE.

Nicola Chester, nature activist and writer, speaks of Gilbert White in her ‘Nature Notes’:
‘Gilbert White made close, local, detailed observations and understood the importance of connectivity and the perpetual significance of things bigger than he was… He was a man ahead of his time. He gardened, farmed and didn’t separate nature from anything he did. He studied it much as we do now: not by hunting, killing and collecting specimens, but by observing things in their natural habitat. In this way, he connected to the rest of the world’.
Increased nature connection and understanding of the world around us is vital in helping current and future generations to help tackle developing climate issues.

How Can You Get Involved?
Visit our campaign page and make a donation from Midday Thursday 18th April – Midday 
Thursday 25th April.
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