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Online Antarctic Talk: Shackleton’s Endurance Adventure – revisited

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Thursday 4th March 7pm 

Hosted on zoom.

Dr John Dudeney OBE

This talk provides a new historical perspective on Sir Ernest Shackleton’s amazing adventure in the Weddell Sea – of brave hopes, hopes dashed, shipwreck and castaway, and ultimate survival.  But in doing so, it will draw on previously unknown information from a century ago held in the UK National Archives which was recently uncovered by the speaker and his co-workers. The documents so discovered throw a rather different light the behaviour of both Shackleton and the British Government than the popular accounts provide. This is particularly the case concerning the attempts to find out what had happened to Shackleton and his men, and then, when he reappeared in the Falklands, to rescue the castaways on Elephant Island. It will also bring the “forgotten” men of the Ross Sea party into the limelight.

This talk is part of a series of online talks in March. The talks will be recorded but only available to those who buy a ticket. The joining information will be released on the morning of the event.

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