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Tips for March!

Spring has sprung in Selborne and here’s a list of what you can get up to this March!

Find out what makes the Perfect Penguin!

Sue Flood will be joining us on the 7th March. Sue is a filmmaker, zoologist, adventure travel leader and public speaker. Find out about her experiences of Antractica and why the Emperor is her perfect penguin!

The Pull of the Poles 

Dr Kim Crosbie will be with us on the 21st March to talk to us about sustainable tourism in Antarctica!

Walk in the Daffodils!

tips for march

What’s March without a host of golden Daffodils? Luckily we have plenty for all your wandering needs!

Have a Spot of Lunch! 

Our lunch menu is always changing and always very good!!

Celebrate Lawrence Oates 

mrs oates gets to the truth

March 17th marks both Lawrence Oates’ birthday & death day. Celebrate his life by visiting our Antarctic Exhibition and seeing his possessions.