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GW300 website is up and running!

We have launched a website to promote the activities and celebrations happening all across the country for Gilbert White’s 300th anniversary.

Gilbert White born on the 18th July 1720 is one of Britain’s most influential natural scientists, the father of ecology White revolutionised the way people observed and interacted with nature; inspiring naturalists from Darwin to Attenborough. White’s main work was The Natural History of Selborne published in 1789; it is a book that observed the natural world in pioneering way that was both inspiring and accessible to its readers. White’s work was extremely popular in the 19th Century and was read all over the world, the book has never been out print, going through hundreds of editions and is thought to be the fourth most published book in the English Language.

The museum, along with over 50 partners across the country such as national museums like The Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert and British Library, nature organisations such as the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts, have come together to produce a year’s worth of events to celebrate the life and work of this important figure in natural history, culminating in a celebration in Selborne on the anniversary of White’s birth on the 18th July.  The project was launched on White’s 299th birthday at The Natural History Museum in South Kensington.

The website will be a home for the celebration and will list events, such as talks, nature walks, bioblitz events, exhibitions and other celebrations; it will also be a hub for news, information and blogs from all partners.

‘The anniversary of Gilbert White’s birth comes at such an important time.’ Says Collections Manager Kimberley James, ‘Gilbert White was not only a pioneer in laying down the ground work for many modern natural scientists, but he also changed the way people looked at the natural world, he encouraged people to connect with nature through observation and recording. With our environment so in danger today it is important for us all to be more like Gilbert White, a man who showed us how to live in harmony with nature.’

The website can be found at, and will be updated regularly, you can also follow Gilbert White’s house for news on the tercentenary on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.