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GW300 Launch

30 organisations and bodies with interests in ecology, the environment, natural history and tourism came together on Thursday 18th July at London’s Natural History Museum to launch GW300, a partnership dedicated to raising the profile of Rev Gilbert White, 18th century naturalist, founder of ecology and author of the famous book, “The Natural History of Selborne.”

“Some of our members don’t know who Gilbert White is “ admitted one delegate. Though well known in the scientific world – Charles Darwin made a pilgrimage to Selborne before setting off on his famous Beagle voyage – Gilbert is much less well known than he should for his pioneering work in observing and recording nature.

“I think all that is about to change”, said Philip Geddes, a Trustee of Gilbert White & The Oates Collections, who chaired the inaugural meeting of GW300. “ We were delighted that representatives of so many groups turned up to this meeting, kindly hosted by the Natural History Museum. We compared notes and were astonished at the number of events planned across the country to celebrate Gilbert’s life and work. GW300 is designed to support all its partners in the delivery of their birthday plans for Gilbert”.

A wide range of events are planned – from new permanent exhibitions to a wide range of talks and activity events around the country. “It will be a great chance for people to get involved in the environment” says Philip Geddes “And Gilbert showed by his work that the individual can make a difference. If people get stuck in, we can prove that our generation is as capable of living harmony with nature as Gilbert was. “